Download the Help Manual, the brochure

Free demo

Download a free demonstration of the offline version here (190MB), unzip the file and run ATT.exe.

Full versions

Registered users can download the latest version of our Light Vehicle material, Auto365UKhere (4.0GB) and the latest version of our Accident Repair material here (1.7GB).

The earlier Auto365 can still be downloaded here (3.5GB).

Unzip the file and it will make a folder called Auto365 or AR365, then run IMISetup.exe. Registered users please contact us if you need updated codes.

Full installation guide here.

Support programs

To access all the features of the IMI eLearning system, you may need to install additional support programs (if not already on your system). The following links will ensure you have the latest versions:

Adobe Reader Adobe FlashPlayerGreenShot SAP VE ViewerDotNet

The files in the folders below are useful to help you get even more out of the IMI eLearning system. I particularly recommend the GreenShot annotation tool. The setup program is in the Programs folder. In the Files folder you will, for example, find a template that 'Teachers' can complete and send to us for uploading lists of students. See the FAQs for more information.

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